Click on the image above and then print. The image will appear upside down on your monitor while the inside message is right side up. This is exactly as it should be and will appear correctly when folded.


Folding the printed sheet to turn it into a card is very easy:

1. Place sheet on flat surface printed side down.

2. Fold in half (top of page to bottom of page).

3. Fold again (side to side).


Need an Envelope?

It is recommended that A2 (4.37" x 5.75") envelopes be used with cards. This is a standard envelope that can be purchased in most office supply stores. However, for your convenience, we have included in Cards Right Now a printable envelope that, when cut and folded, can be used with cards. When using the Cards Right Now envelope always remember to fold the sheet so that all print marks are on the inside of the envelope. When ready to use, seal the envelope with glue.

Click here to view and print Cards Right Now envelope.


Need Adobe Reader?

To greatly enhance the capabilities of your computer and to view and print these cards and envelopes, Adobe Reader is needed. If Adobe Reader is not already installed on your computer click on the link below for a free download.

Click here if you would like to download free Adobe Reader now.


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